Sara Bareilles’ voice is not a little one, but that hasn’t kept her from recording her own versions of the songs she contributed to the Apple TV Plus series. Ten of them are collected in the new album “More Love: Songs from Little Voice Season One,” which got a surprise drop as Thursday gave way to Friday, after Bareilles had teased the likelihood of such a release without being too specific since the show’s premiere.

The album is only available digitally for now; a physical release on CD and vinyl won’t arrive for another two months, landing Nov. 6.

This 10-song set is not to be confused with previous rollouts of EP-sized cast albums — or with a drop Bareilles recently did of three of her demos for the songs. That streaming release had one key song from the show, “Dear Hope” under its original title, “Hemingway,” performed as she first wrote it years ago, with a different set of not-as-“hope”-ful lyrics. On the new album, the song appears as rewritten for the series.

Notably, Bareilles is finally officially releasing a studio version of the title song and lead single, “Little Voice,” for the first time, after it served as a title for her debut album but got dropped from the track list due to her record label thinking it wasn’t up to snuff.

Tyler Chester co-produced the set with Bareilles.

Its release pattern stands in contrast to that of her Broadway show, “Waitress,” where she released her version of the songs first, in part to pique interest in the production. In this instance, Bareilles wanted listeners to hear the cast versions before settling into her own.


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Sara Bareilles “More Love” cover Courtesy Epic


The track list:

  1. I Don’t Know Anything
  2. More Love
  3. King of the Lost Boys
  4. Dear Hope
  5. Ghost Light
  6. Simple and True
  7. Coming Back
  8. In July
  9. Tell Her
  10. Little Voice