From Creating ‘Dynamite’ to Making ‘Memories,’ 5 Music-Producer Managers to Know

From BTS' 'Dynamite' to Maroon 5's 'Memories,' 5 Top Producer Managers
Courtesy of Lucas Keller, Jaime Zeluck Hindlin, Neil Jacobson

Music production has proven to be somewhat pandemic-proof as artists continue to create during the COVID crisis. While collaboration poses certain challenges, producers, engineers, mixers and beat-makers have been able work from home for the most part, either in isolation or compact pods. That’s kept the business moving and revenue streams flowing. Representing hit producers has also grown in the last few years, with firms setting their sights on synch, streaming and other avenues of monetization. Louis Bell (Variety‘s 2019 producer of the year), David Stewart (BTS’ “Dynamite”) and JKash are just a few of the songwriters and producers represented by the managers below.

Neil Jacobson, Hallwood Media

“I’m the biggest producer manager in the business,” says Neil Jacobson of Hallwood Media. The former Geffen Records chief’s firm is less than a year old but already making waves in the creative and finance world. “Our roster covers every genre of music from hip hop to rock to pop.” Among the highlights: David Stewart co-writing and producing “Dynamite” for BTS, which Hallwood packaged, and Murda Beatz helming Doja Cat’s collab with Ariana Grande for her latest album, “Positions.” “We are inspired by WME, CAA and agency culture as a whole,” says Jacobson. “We’re taking an institutional approach.”

Lucas Keller, Milk & Honey

“Think globally, act locally” could well be the motto of L.A.-based firm Milk & Honey, which has expanded internationally with new outposts in London and Amsterdam. Boasting 80 clients, 20 employees and offices in five cities, the six-year-old firm “still feels like a boutique,” says its CEO. “We’ve built this brick by brick.” Home to such hitmakers as J White Did It and Noah Goldstein , Keller cites smashes from Juice Wrld, Demi Lovato and Doja Cat. “I don’t think any other company in writer-producer management has the same diversity of clients across pop, hip-hop, R&B, rock, country, electronic and Latin that we do,” he boasts. “We tend to have between 1 and 10 songs in the Top 40 at U.S. radio on any given week. They say the reward for good work is more work, and that rings true.”

Angie Pagano, AMP Entertainment

The freshman firm founded by publishing veteran and former APG GM Pagano has signed Charlie Handsome (Trevor Daniel’s “Falling”), Tommy Brown and Mr. Franks, the latter two currently enjoying a run with Ariana Grande’s “Positions” album and two singles by Blackpink, including the delectable “Ice Cream.” “I think my extensive background in publishing (10-plus years) and records (5-plus years) lends a lot of value to my roster because I have experience in so many areas of the business and can assist and guide their careers from a lot of angles.” What binds her clients? “Their versatility,” says Pagano. “Each of them can work across so many different genres — from rap to country to R&B to dance — but all have amazing commercial pop sensibilities as well.”

Austin Rosen, Electric Feel

With a roster that includes producer-writers like Louis Bell (Post Malone, Halsey), Billy Walsh (The Weeknd, Kid Laroi) and Blake Slatkin (24k Goldn), as well as a publishing arm, Electric Feel’s track record is practically unparalleled. It’s a credit to the company’s founder. “An approach that Austin Rosen instilled when it came to signing clients … [is to] stick with them and provide the resources and opportunities to build the foundation to get to become the A-listers they are in today,” says EF’s Anthony D’Annunzio. “It’s been a team effort from the start both from the management side and the clients believing in the process, putting in the hours and perfecting their craft to achieve their goals.”

Jaime Zeluck Hindlin, Nonstop Management

“I’m not just a mom to my daughter, but I’m a mom to my clients,” says Hindlin of Nonstop, which represents songwriter Michael Pollack (Justin Bieber’s “Holy” f. Chance the Rapper) and her producer-husband JKash, who cowrote Maroon 5’s “Memories” with Pollack. The sentiment is shared by her female staff, which Hindlin describes as “overly caring, but also incredible creatives and smart businesswomen.” Cutthroat competitions among clients, however, is not on the menu. Adds Hindlin: “Everyone we work with wants to lift each other up, and are happy for the others when they are having a big moment. Creating an environment like that was really important to me.”

Pictured (from left): Lucas Keller, Jaime Zeluck Hindlin, Neil Jacobson