Pearl Jam had planned to release its “Gigaton Visual Experience” – a special audio-visual event around their new album — in theaters just before the album’s March 27 release, but the coronavirus pandemic obviously put that plan on hold.

Instead, the group announced today that the “Gigaton Visual Experience” will be available in home theaters starting Friday — and will be free to all Apple TV app users in over 100 countries for seven days — before being available to rent or buy. (Head here https://apple.co/PearlJam for more details.)

The event will be available in Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision, revolutionary audiovisual technologies developed by Dolby. It is only available as a limited time event on Apple TV 4K and on the Apple TV app in over 100 countries and regions for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Mac users. (To experience the album in Dolby Atmos or Dolby Vision, viewers will need an Apple TV 4K (paired with a Dolby Atmos and/or Dolby Vision enabled device) or compatible iPhone, iPad, or MacBook device.)

“I’m excited for fans to be able to immerse themselves in the sound and to hear the depth and layers of these songs and performances” explains Gigaton producer Josh Evans. “It’s truly a unique way to experience this album.”

Variety’s review of the album says in part: It might seem over the top to say that “Gigaton” is Pearl Jam’s best or most fully realized album since ”Ten.” But to paraphrase “Pal Joey’s” rakish Frank Sinatra talking about a sexual dry spell, “29 years is a long time between drinks.” And “Gigaton” is one stiff, glorious weird and zealously melodic cocktail.