OutKast’s “Stankonia,” one of the defining albums of hip-hop, will have its 20th anniversary celebrated with previously unreleased remixes, streaming bundles and new vinyl and digital download editions, Sony Music Thursday.

Originally released on Halloween 2000, the group’s fourth album will be coming out in multiple formats and with several attendant streaming bundles on Oct. 30 via This Is Certified, the hip-hop/R&B speciality division of Sony’s catalog label, Legacy. “Stankonia” recently showed up at No. 64 on Rolling Stone’s reconfigured list of the 500 greatest albums of all time, with the magazine citing its “thrilling sprawl” and “sense of limitless possibilities within the boundaries of hip-hop.”

The full digital re-release will come in 24-bit and 360 Reality Audio formats. Included as part of the package are six bonus tracks, including a previously unreleased remix of “B.O.B. (Bombs Over Baghdad)” by Rage Against the Machine’s Zack de la Rocha. Other bonus tracks on the expanded digital version: a remix of “Ms. Jackson” by Mr. Drunk, a remix of “So Fresh, So Clean” featuring Snoop Dogg and Sleepy Brown, and a cappella versions of the three aforementioned tracks.

All three of those singles have now been certified platinum, with the album’s most famous standout, “Ms. Jackson,” newly proclaimed as triple-platinum.

“Ms. Jackson,” “B.O.B.” and “So Fresh, So Clean” will get individual streaming bundles as well. These will include additional remixes along instrumental and a cappella versions of each of the three singles. Extras in these streaming mini-packages include Fatboy Slim’s remix of “So Fresh” and, in the “Ms. Jackson” bundle, a Goodie Mob track that featured OutKast, “Sole Sunday.”

Vinyl will be part of the anniversary campaign, of course, although the new double-LP version will be exclusive to Vinyl Me, Please members. The two-record set will be the club’s October record of the month and be pressed on “black and white galaxy” vinyl, with an art print included.

By 2000, “Stankonia” was big enough to debut with 530,000 copies sold in its first week … which, in that blockbuster sales era, was still only good enough for a No. 2 bow.