Ohio Nightclub Cited for COVID-19 Violations After 500 People Attend Trey Songz Concert

Trey Songz
Matt Sayles

UPDATED: A nightclub in Columbus, Ohio was cited for violating COVID-19 health orders after an estimated 500 people attending an indoor concert by R&B singer Trey Songz on Saturday night, according to NBC News.

The club, ironically called Aftermath, received a citation for improper conduct and disorderly activities after patrons were seen sharing alcoholic beverages and making no effort to maintain social distancing, the Ohio Investigative Unit told the news outlet. Additionally, the venue had no physical barriers in place to promote social distancing, and most employees and patrons were not wearing masks, the statement continued.

“Basically, it was just a concert environment,” Ohio Investigative Unit enforcement commander Eric Wolf told NBC News affiliate WCMH. “If you had taken that event and put it in 2019, it would have been pretty much the same concert, same event that was taking place last night.”

The Investigative Unit told NBC that it referred the case to the Ohio Liquor Control Commission, which is responsible for levying penalties, which include fines and the suspension or revocation of venue’s liquor permits. Photographs and videos taken inside the club and posted on social media show a mostly maskless audience showing little regard for social distancing as Trey Songz performed.

A rep for the Liquor Control Commission told Variety on Tuesday that the case has not yet been set for a hearing and was not able to provide specifics, but added, “Once the case is heard by the Commission – which typically takes a few weeks before it is set for hearing – and if a violation(s) is found, the Commission has broad authority in determining the appropriate penalty in any given case.

“In terms of possible penalties, the Commission has the authority to issue a suspension and/or revocation, and in most cases, may allow the permit holder the opportunity to pay a financial forfeiture in lieu of serving the suspension and/or revocation,” the rep continued. “The Commission considers all relevant factors, including the nature of the violation, the seriousness of the offense, the facts of the case, the permit holder’s prior record, if any, as well as any other relevant information, including any mitigation evidence presented by the permit holder.”

Reps for Songz’s management did not immediately respond to Variety’s requests for comment; his label, Atlantic Records, had no comment.

According to the news section of his website, it appears that Songz played a show in Texas as well, and then deleted Instagram posts about it.

Songz’s latest Instagram post, from Friday, reads “Be safe and have fun.”