If there’s a single artist or sound that encapsulates the rage and dread that 2020 have brought, it’s got to be Nine Inch Nails — and while there’s no shortage of music or imagery from the band’s past catalog to capture our current mood, they’ve rolled out a new series of “Pandemic 2020” merch that’s laser-focused on lockdown and the social dissatisfaction — to put it mildly — that many feel.

There’s the “Mutation” T-shirt (“Time to mutate. Feels good man”), another called “Every Day Is Exactly the Goddamn Same” (“Getting tired of predicting the future accurately”). There’s the politically themed “USAshamed” shirt (“American pride, R.I.P. — Used to stand for something”), and a “Broken” one (“Show the world ‘you were there’ when the empire fell! The colors eerily prescient for a nation on fire”), and the “In This Together” tee and hat (“We Are indeed in this together and we will make it through somehow”).

Will they make you feel better? Maybe not, but there is some consolation in seeing our emotions shared so vividly.

Peruse the collection right here.

They promise delivery of items by the end of next month — just in time for the election! If the proceeds are being donated to a charitable cause, it doesn’t seem to say so on the website.

In more cheerful, but equally angsty news, Nine Inch Nails founder Trent Reznor and the group’s Atticus Ross won yet another big award — an Emmy for Music Composition for a Limited Series for “Watchmen” — on Sunday night, which means they’re one award away from the illustrious EGOT of a Grammy, an Oscar (which they won for “The Social Network”) and a Tony. While they have shown little inclination toward composing a musical, anything is possible — “The Downward Spiral: The Musical” or “Starf—ers Inc. on Broadway” could be right around the corner.