Miley Cyrus took neither a wrecking ball nor the mirrorball she straddled at Sunday’s VMAs to Billie Eilish’s “My Future,” a song she reverently covered for BBC Radio 1’s “Live Lounge.” (Watch her version, below.)

The cover comes right on the heels of Cyrus doing her latest single, “Midnight Sky,” at the MT Video Music Awards. Cyrus is very much into breakup songs these days, and seemed to find a thematic connection between “Midnight Sky” and “My Future,” although her own new tune is much more pointed and less gentle. Cyrus made a point of leaving her version of Eilish’s recent hit less open-ended than the original. “My Future” is about leaving a narcissistic significant other behind to concentrate on achieving goals on one’s own, but Eilish does leave the door open a crack, writing at the end of the song: “See you in a couple years.”

In covering the track, Cyrus closes that door in a big way by adding a spoken addendum to Eilish’s lyric: “But probably not.” She then sticks her trillion-dollar tongue out at the camera.

Like Eilish’s original version, Cyrus starts off in a drumlessly jazzy vein, appearing in a sleek black minidress against a backdrop of the world’s tallest candles. But at the point where the beat kicks in, which finds Eilish picking up a more electronic pulse, Cyrus keeps things at least slightly on the jazzy side with a live backup band that, unlike her, is masked down to the last man. She also puts a bit more sizzle and grit into lines like “but not with anybody else.”

Cyrus also recorded live takes on “Midnight Sky” and “Slide Away” for the BBC franchise.

Besides being a radio hit as a non-album stand-along single, “My Future” was most recently seen being sung by Eilish at the Democratic National Convention, preceded by a plea for young people to ensure their futures by voting.