McDonald’s staffers unfamiliar with the slang of “Sicko Mode” got schooled on all things Travis Scott as the rapper’s branded meal continues to sell swiftly coast-to-coast. Driving demand for the meal — which includes a Quarter Pounder with cheese, bacon, lettuce, pickles, ketchup and mustard; medium fries (with BBQ Sauce for dipping); and a Sprite — is a TikTok trend that has fans blasting the rapper’s track “Sicko Mode” at McDonald’s drive-thru windows, both amusing and annoying employees.

In the now-viral videos, fans drive up to order, then quickly blast the song to the worker taking their order. Sometimes they accompany the request with phrases such as, “you know what I want.”

Executives at McDonald’s took notice and sent out a memo to franchises addressing the trend, according to Business Insider. It reads: “Various Travis Scott Meal marketing materials include the line, ‘Say Cactus Jack sent you’, leading some customers to say, ‘Cactus Jack sent me’ or other social-media-inspired variations including: ‘It’s lit, sickomode,’ ‘The fornite guy burger,’ or ‘You know why I am here’ (while playing Travis Scott music). To reduce confusion, please make crew aware of these monikers or alternate ordering methods.”


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The memo also encourages franchises to “make sure crew knows how much you appreciate their efforts in support of this promotion.”

The video clips uploaded to TikTok show a range of reactions from workers, many of whom quickly recognize the music as a request for the Travis Scott Meal. But one trending TikTok shows a customer ordering the menu item and an employee asking, “Are you going to blast music in my ears?”


No McDonald’s employees were harmed in the making of this #QuickRecipes

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The social media trend comes as the restaurant can barely keep up with the Travis Scott meal. According to USA Today,  McDonald’s has experienced shortages of the meal’s key ingredients. Overwhelming demand was cited as one of the factors for the ingredients selling out.

Starting Sept. 22, the meal will only be available through the McDonald’s app.