Just hours after Soulection released a flyer and lineup for its upcoming Lovers and Friends Festival on Tuesday (Feb. 18), former Bad Boy artists Mase and Lil Kim publicly rescinded their commitment to perform.

Lovers and Friends is scheduled for May 9 at the 27,000-capacity Dignity Health Sports Park in Carson, Calif. but some acts are crying Fyre insisting that the festival, which is being promoted by AEG-owned Goldenvoice, is fake.

In a comment on Instagram, Mase responded to the announcement saying, “Best wishes on this show, but please take my name off of this flyer.” Shortly after, Lil Kim also posted the flyer to her story with the message: “This is so FAKE! I am not a part of this.”

Twista also popped into the comments claiming he hadn’t received a deposit for a performance. He later backtracked on the previous statement by posting another comment saying, “Locked and loaded playing all the hits.”

In a statement to Variety, Goldenvoice said, “Our festival is 100% confirmed. Lineups are always subject to change.”

The sudden denouncement from entertainers seems to have left fans feeling shaky about purchasing any tickets for the upcoming event — although, it’s worth noting, the ticket price starts at an affordable $20 and goes up from there. Others also recognized that some of the artists listed seem to be double-booked. Megan Thee Stallion, for instance, is expected to perform at Broccoli City Festival in D.C. on the same day.

Soulection Radio CEO and co-founder Joe Kay responded to concerns via social media, writing: “FYI: This festival is put together by @goldenvoice.They do Coachella & so much more. They don’t miss or do fake shows. … The organizers deal with the artist’s agencies and then the agency deals with the artist and their mgmt team.”

Also promoting the event, but not mentioned on previous flyers, is Snoop Dogg. The rapper shared an updated version of the flyer with his name listed on his Instagram account after Tuesday’s events took place.

Pre-sale tickets will be available beginning Feb. 20.

Update: On Feb. 20, Lil Kim confirmed her attendance in a tweet saying, “The check has cleared. Thank Uncle Snoop Dogg guys cause if it wasn’t for him this would not be happening.”