Peermusic’s Ralph Peer II is handing the reins of the independent music publishing company he’s run for 37 years to his daughter and deputy, Mary Megan Peer. She’ll assume the role of CEO starting in Jan. 2021. The elder Peer will transition to executive chair. The company was founded by Ralph S. Peer in 1928 and currently operates 35 offices in 32 countries. Peermusic boasts a catalog of over 500,000 titles spanning such genres as from country, blues, jazz and pop, Latin and rock‘n’roll.

In welcoming Mary Megan, Ralph Peer said in an announcement: “It’s been a very satisfying challenge to have stewarded peermusic’s heritage repertoire made possible through the genius of my father and the savoir faire of my mother while simultaneously keeping our firm active and successfully engaged with contemporary repertoire and global music publishing policy. I feel privileged to engage with global cultures and intellectual property issues on a daily basis. In short, I love my job and relish the intellectual environment it provides. Now is the time for the next generation to step into this leadership role. Nothing could make me prouder or more pleased than to announce Mary Megan’s appointment as CEO. The entire family joins me in wishing Mary Megan and her team continued success in serving our valued artists and composers. As Executive Chair, I look forward to contributing to peermusic’s future for many years to come.”

Added Mary Megan Peer: “I’m honored to be named peermusic’s fourth CEO by my father at such a strong time in the company’s history. His principled leadership is reflected in peermusic’s client-centric ethos and the respect our colleagues have for writers and for each other. Like many in the company and within the industry, I have learned a great deal from him and am thankful to have the opportunity to continue to do so as he starts the next chapter of his career at peermusic. I look forward to continuing to work with the very strong senior management team he has created around the globe.”

Among her accolades, Mary Megan led the acquisition of some 40,000 Korean copyrights and the opening of an office in mainland China, becoming the first global independent music publisher to put down roots in the Far East. In October, she helped orchestrate an international partnership for neighbouring rights comprised of peermusic, Global Master Rights, Premier Muzik and All Right Music. She’s also the youngest person to serve as a member on ASCAP’s Board.