Alison Mosshart, singer of The Kills and Dead Weather, has a new solo project coming from which a song, “Rise,” is featured in the FacebookWatch drama “Sacred Lies.” Watch her home-made video below:

Along with The Kills and Dead Weather, over the years Mosshart has collaborated with everyone from the Arctic Monkeys and Primal Scream to Gang Of Four, Cage The Elephant, Foo Fighters,  James Williamson and Mini Mansions.

“Rise” is a slow-burner recorded for, and prominently featured in, today’s final episode of Facebook Watch drama “Sacred Lies.” The track is available now on Domino Records.

“Sacred Lies: The Singing Bones” is produced by Blumhouse Television, produced by Raelle Tucker (True Blood, The Returned, Jessica Jones) and stars Juliette Lewis, Ryan Kwanten, Jordan Alexander and Kristin Baue, “Rise” is a through line throughout the story and is performed by Jordan Alexander (“Elsie”) in Episode One.

Mosshart is currently hunkered down at her Nashville home and has used this period of social isolation to teach herself video editing, pulling together some of her favorite footage from a recent visit to Los Angeles and editing it into a video for the song.