Juice WRLD’s family has released “Righteous,” the first posthumous single from the rapper, who died of an accidental drug overdose last year. According to a statement from the family, the song was recorded at the rapper’s home studio in Los Angeles.

“Juice was a prolific artist who dedicated his life to making music. Choosing how to share his upcoming music with the world was no easy feat. Honoring the love Juice felt for his fans while shining a light on his talents and his spirit are the most important parts of this process for us,” the family said in a statement. .

As usual for the rapper, the lyrics pull no punches about drug use or depression issues. “Five or six pills in my right hand, yeah/ Codeine runneth over on my nightstand/ Takin’ medicine to fix all of the damage/ My anxiety the size of a planet/ Holes in my skull over time/ My heart’s over ice.”

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The statement also references the Live Free 999 Fund, a charitable organization which aims to help young people struggling with their mental health. The fund was established by the rapper’s mother, Carmela Wallace, earlier this week.

Live Free 999 will focus on normalizing the conversation around addiction, anxiety and depression in underserved communities. The organization will support programs that compassionately address these topics and help young people find positive ways to process them, like Higgins did with his music.

Higgins died in December 2019 at age 21 after suffering a seizure at Midway Airport in Chicago. In a statement, Wallace confirmed that she was aware of his battle with addiction and mental health, and has chosen to share his story with the world in order to help those who may be in a similar situation.

“Young people around the world were truly touched by Jarad’s music because he spoke to issues and situations in his music that resonated with them so deeply,” said Wallace. “I made the decision upon his death that I was going to share his struggles with the world with the objective of helping others. It is my desire to help those who are hurting by providing access to education, prevention and treatment for opioid and other forms of drug addiction. It is my hope that Live Free 999 will help people just as Jarad’s music has and will continue to touch lives for years to come.”