The song “The Change,” the official anthem of the Joe Biden-Kamala Harris presidential campaign, is the soundtrack for an inspiring new advertisement for the campaign. The ad, which features the song in its original English-language version sung by JoJo and in a Spanish version by Puerto Rican singer Chesca, debuted in both English and Spanish on MTV Friday. The song premiered exclusively on Variety earlier this month.

While there’s an extensive recent history of extant hits being adopted by political campaigns, from Bill Clinton’s use of Fleetwood Mac’s “Don’t Stop” to Donald Trump’s forcible conscription of classics appropriated without permission, it’s more rare in contemporary times to hear original songs commissioned by a campaign. But Joe Biden’s team found a willing and eager participant when they approached 11-time Oscar nominee Warren, who in turn enlisted JoJo, who came to fame as a teen queen in the 2000s and has become a resurgent favorite again in the last few years as a very grown-up pop-R&B stylist.

“It’s hard to believe that we are finally in the home stretch of this election!,” JoJo says. “I hope this song and video can provide a little extra inspiration and motivation that so many of us need right now. Please make sure you have a voting plan; make sure your friends and family also have voting plans. We must make our voices heard, loud and clear.”

Chesca says, “Be the change you want to see! Stand up, and make your voice heard. Go vote on election day and be that change!”

Warren adds, “I want this song to bring the change we need on Election Day and beyond!”