Joan Baez sent an interesting greeting to John Prine after reports surfaced that the veteran singer-songwriter was in critical condition after testing positive for coronavirus.

Baez, whose work in the 1960s called attention to a growing national folk-music movement, released a video of her singing Prine’s “Hello In There,” one of the most durable selections from his 1971 self-titled debut.

Prine was recently reported as being in stable condition by his wife, Fiona Prine.

“John, this song that I’ve sung of yours has been one of the most requested songs in my repertoire for over 40 years,” Baez said. “So let me sing it to you and send along my best wishes and prayers.” Baez originally covered the song on a 1975 album, “Diamonds and Rust.”

Prine once describe the song as being something of a tribute to senior citizens. “You know that old trees just grow stronger/And old rivers grow wilder every day,” read some of the tune’s most prominent lyrics.  “Old people just grow lonesome/Waiting for someone to say, ‘Hello in there, hello.’”