Both Madison Square Garden in New York and the Forum in Los Angeles will be converted into voting locations for the 2020 U.S. presidential election.

Earlier today, the NBA announced plans to use its arenas for polling, a move that impacted the decision to offer the Forum up for voting, though the Inglewood, Calif. arena doesn’t currently host any sports teams. Los Angeles Clippers owner Steve Ballmer purchased the Forum in May and plans to construct a new arena in the area for the basketball team.

“You have undoubtedly heard the voices of our players, coaches and staff, passionately and powerfully urging Americans to register and exercise their right to vote,” said Gillian Zucker, the team’s president of business operations, in a statement. “We are dedicated to the same cause: fighting voter suppression and empowering all citizens to determine meaningful progress, for this generation and generations to come. Inglewood is the home of the Forum and will soon be the home of the L.A. Clippers. Now, it will also be a home for local voters, to come together and help shape a brighter future.”

The Forum and the Clippers will also reveal the website for LA Voters Win, which is meant to help LA voters check what’s on the ballot, research policies and check their registration. The site will be made available on Sept. 1.

The Madison Square Garden Company, former owners of the Forum, announced that it would make Madison Square Garden available as a voting location, as well. Those assigned to the location can vote early from Oct. 24 to Nov. 1.

“As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to make mass gatherings difficult, we are excited to partner with New York City’s Board of Elections and support our community by providing a large-scale venue in the heart of New York City that can accommodate social distancing and serve as a safe place for residents to exercise their right to vote,” said Rich Constable, MSG’s external vice president of government affairs and social responsibility, in a press release.

The polling location is set to serve more than 60,000 voters, which makes it the largest in New York City.