Rapper DaBaby was arrested in Miami on Tuesday in connection with an alleged robbery, but is being held on battery charges related to an earlier incident in Texas, according to multiple news reports. Authorities told NBC News that the rapper, whose real name is Jonathan Kirk, will remain in custody “until further notice.”

The rapper, who is nominated for two 2020 Grammy Awards (for best rap performance and best rap song), also was handcuffed and cited for marijuana possession in North Carolina on Christmas Eve.

According to an arrest report cited by Rolling Stone, DaBaby (real name: Jonathan Kirk) was arrested Tuesday after a confrontation with promoters for the Cafe Iguana Pines venues, where he was apparently scheduled to perform. According to the report, promoters had guaranteed Kirk $30,000 for the rapper’s appearance but allegedly only gave him $20,000.

After Kirk realized the count was $10,000 short, he “began demanding the rest of the money and a verbal altercation ensued,” the report said. The altercation soon escalated into a physical fight, the report continued, and Kirk allegedly punched one of the promoters before he and “several other males” allegedly assaulted the second promoter. At various points during the altercation, Kirk and his associates took an iPhone, a credit card and about $80 from one of the promoters; adding insult to alleged injury, in the report one promoter also said that “during the altercation one of the offenders doused him with apple juice.”

Kirk, who denied being involved in the incident, was taken into custody after being identified by the promoters.

Contacted by Variety, a rep for the artist did not immediately have a comment on the arrest.