French pop sensation Christine and the Queens has dropped a new song called “People, I’ve Been Said,” which is available to stream and as a live-performance video on Colors. As the announcement says, Christine and the Queens — which despite the name is one person, Héloïse Letissier — appears in the video as “a flamboyant figure with fitted suit, somewhere in between a sparkling dandy and sad Pierrot,” while the song continues her artful and innovative take on pop music.

The song follows 18 months of touring, collaborations and other events around the release of Letissier’s second full-length, “Chris.” Certainly among the most noteworthy of those is her collaboration with Charli XCX on the single “Gone,” which appeared on the “Charli” album and was promoted with a video and several television appearances.

Chris was written, arranged, produced and performed by Christine and the Queens, and charted at No. 3 on the U.K. album chart; it has been certified silver in the U.K. The album followed her debut “Chaleur Humaine,” released in France in 2014 and in the U.S. as the self-titled “Christine and the Queens.”

“’Chaleur Humain’ was me reading books and dreaming about living, and ‘Chris’ is living to write about it. It’s wilder,” Letissier told Variety last year. Identifying herself as pansexual, Letissier sees the tag as a way to opt out of boxes altogether with regard to sexuality and gender.

“This album talks about desire as a form of chaos, a constant surprise and a welcomed one,” she says. “You don’t know why you are attracted by someone, you have to learn why, and then you learn about yourself. I don’t care if I’m giving satisfying answers to people, I care more about exploring further what it means to me. Being queer is about resisting structures, I don’t believe that it’s just a trend.”