Charli XCX today dropped a new song called “Forever” — the first track from her forthcoming recorded-in-quarantine album “How I’m Feeling Now.”

According to the announcement, the song was written this week by Charli and co-executive produced by Charli with longtime collaborators A. G. Cook and BJ Burton. The track was created within the last two days, with Charli teaming up with Cook and Burton via the internet while all three are in self-isolation.

“This is a working process that will continue throughout the album, with the entirety of the project being written, recorded, produced and released while in quarantine due to the world pandemic,” the announcement says.

The song bears many of the hallmarks of the prolific artist’s work over the past couple of years — two mixtapes, multiple singles and last year’s “Charli” full-length, which topped many critics’ year-end lists — with an indelible melody, Cook’s trademark echoing synthesizers and the singer’s own virtuosity with autotune, which she uses as an instrument in itself rather than as pitch correction.

The three single artworks are individually created by artists Seth Bogart, Caroline Polachek and Regards Coupables. Charli personally invited each artist to create their own version of a photograph which she took at home this week.

Hear the song and see the artwork below.

Charli comments, “I’m such a fangirl of all three artists and to collaborate on artwork like this is a new experience for me. I like the idea that the visual language for this project can be interpreted by however someone feels towards the music. The music and the emotions that are generated guide the creative output and anything is possible.”

To coincide with the release of ‘How I’m Feeling Now’, Charli has announced that she will be reigniting her Beats 1 show, “The Candy Shop.” The new season, titled ‘Inside The Candy Shop’ will find Charli recording from home, opening out her process live on air while sharing new demos, ideas, and playing songs she loves right now alongside special guests. Charli will be joined by Caroline Polachek in episode one to talk about what’s going on in her world, as well as the artwork she has contributed for “Forever.” Air date to be announced soon.

The announcement concludes with a request for fans to “please consider donating to the following charity, if you are in a position to”:

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has launched a special fund designed to raise funds specifically for Covid-19 response. The WHO estimates it needs $675M through April for preparedness and response efforts. The United Nations Foundation and the Swiss Philanthropy Foundation have created a fund to benefit the WHO’s effort. The fund supports the delivery of protective equipment to frontline healthcare workers, laboratory testing and accelerates research into diagnostics, treatments, and vaccine development.

To donate to the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund: click here

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