Of all the music stars presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden could have spoken with in advance of the party’s national convention this week, Cardi B is certainly one of the most unfiltered.

“I have a whole list of things that I want and I wish and I desire for our next president to root for us,” Cardi said when asked by Biden which issues are most important to her, on a Zoom call sponsored by Elle magazine. “But first, I just want Trump out…I don’t want to be lied to. We’re living in a pandemic right now and I just want answers. I want to know when this is over, I want to go back to my job, I want to be able to go outside, I want to not feel like I’m trapped in my home. But I don’t want somebody to lie to me and tell me that it’s OK to go outside, it’s OK not to wear a mask. I want a president to tell us the steps for us to get better.”

Cardi, who had previously been an outspoken supporter of Bernie Sanders, also spoke about police brutality. “I just want stricter laws that are fairer for black citizens, and for cops, too,” she said. She also spoke about making college more affordable for young people, and reducing cuts to after-school programs.

“I couldn’t afford to go to McDonald’s on my lunch break,” she said. “That is so important, to finance students while they’re in college, because they get really discouraged.”

Watch the full interview below.