BTS took James Corden back into the woods for the live television premiere of the group’s new “Black Swan,” unfolding on a deep-forest set two nights after their Grammys debut, which was also the subject of a short interview on the late-night show.

Speaking of their appearance on the Grammys, the group said, “Everything about that night was so special. We couldn’t believe it.” The ensemble made it clear they were happy to be included on Sunday’s telecast but wouldn’t mind more. RM, a primary rapper in the group, said, “It felt like K-pop was finally recognized worldwide by Alicia” Keys, the award show’s host. Added Suga, “Next time we’re going to add a BTS stage, too,” referring to the fact that this time the group was acting as a participant in a Lil Nas X medley.

Besides performing the new number and being interviewed by the “Late Late Show” host, the K-pop group also participated in a long game of hide-and-seek in the studio with Corden and their fellow guest Ashton Kutcher.

Their new album, “Map of the Soul: 7,” is due Feb. 21. “The title is ‘7,’ it’s been seven years since our debut and we have seven members here,” said RM. (“Eight,” said Corden, trying to include himself.) “So seven is like a really special number for us.”

“We want the Army to be happy through our music, and we will be there for you — we love,” said BTS member V.