Not every young tassel-tosser dreams of celebrating graduation day at a museum. But BTS fans were happy to make an exception in this case, as the K-pop group capped YouTube’s “Dear Class of 2020” special by taking over the National Museum of Korea for a performance in which the hits kept on coming for 12 minutes, much to the Army’s surprise and delight.

No need for social distancing between members here (they do, of course, live together), which was a relief for the sake of their typically tight choreography in the museum’s cavernous and otherwise empty lobby space during the first number, “Boy with Luv.”

After that, the group settled down and took to stools for what proved to be the runaway fan favorite of the three songs, “Spring Day,” which had Jimin and Tae cracking up amid the otherwise sweet sentiments. Here, as in the more dressed-up opening number number, soft colors and pastels dominated the costuming, leading one Twitter fan to enthuse: “THEY LOOK SO SOFTTTTT.”

Just when devotees thought they might be going out on that plush note, a costume change to a less uniform look signaled the energy level ramping up again for “Mikrokosmos,” which dispensed with the seating arrangement and formalwear but also forewent the choreography of the opening song to allow for a few minutes of free-range BTS.

BTS got the most screen time of anyone on the four-and-a-half-hour webcast, with the exception of Michelle Obama’s combined appearances. The final stretch of the show made a multi-cultural pop statement, deliberately, presumably. The conspicuously pregnant Katy Perry sang her recent “Daisies” followed by an inevitable “Firework.” Meghan Thee Stallion turned in a nine-minute medley from a San Fernando Valley-overlooking backyard and kitchen with two dancers, plenty of scratched-out lyrics and just slightly toned down gyrations. And the Latin American group CNCO was on hand to make it clear boy bands are not strictly the province of South Korea.