Just hours after announcing the Sept. 4 release of his new album, “Detroit 2,” Big Sean dropped “Deep Reverence,” a song from the album featuring the late Nipsey Hussle, who was murdered in Los Angeles in March of last year.

When a fan tweeted “Can’t wait to hear that Nipsey track” to Sean and producer Hitboy, the rapper responded, “How bout I drop it tonight?!!! The world needs to hear n feel Nipsey presence!” And sure enough, a couple of hours later the song arrived.

Hussle raps on the song’s intro and chorus, although Sean’s verse was clearly recorded after his friend’s death: He raps about reaching out to Kendrick Lamar after Hussle was killed to clear up some public differences they’d had that he says were overstated:

Most of the girls I know addicted to social media/

All the time they put in, they could’ve wrote encyclopedias/

Mama said it only takes one time to f— up your whole Wikipedia/

And as your son, I can see the type of light that you see me in/

After what happened to Nipsey, I reached out to Kendrick/

It wasn’t even no real issues there to begin with/

Lack of communication and wrong information/

From people fueled by their ego, it’s like mixin’ flames with diesel

“Detroit 2” is the successor to “Detroit,” Sean’s fourth mixtape, which was released in 2012 — nearly eight years to the date before the release of “Detroit 2” — featured Kendrick Lamar, French Montana, J. Cole, Juicy J, Kendrick Lamar, King Chip, Royce da 5’9″ and Tyga. He has released four albums: “Finally Famous” (2011), “Hall of Fame” (2013), “I Decided,” “Dark Sky Paradise” (2015) and “Twenty88,” his 2016 collab with Jhené Aiko.