Ariana Grande plays the most glamorous leader of the free world in the video for her new song “Positions,” which dropped on Thursday night. The Dave Meyers-helmed clip envisions the singer as a kind of fantasy of Audrey Hepburn as president, working her new retro-early-‘60s look while she moves through a series of cabinet meetings and strides purposefully through the White House — with pictures of her dog on the wall — and, oddly, works in the presidential kitchen.

The song is Grande’s first single since “Stuck With U,” her tag-team with Justin Bieber earlier this year, and is the first taste of her forthcoming album, apparently called “Positions” as well, which is her first since “Thank U, Next,” which came out in February of last year (and, yes, feels like a century ago).

Not much info about the album has been officially released, but In terms of collaborators, the new album appears to lack production credits from several famous longtime favorites of Grande’s like Pop Wansel and Max Martin. The producers and songwriting collaborators who are rumored to be a deep part of “Positions” are the Rascals (the team behind a handful of songs on Grande’s first album) and Mr. Franks (who worked with Grande as far back as “I Don’t Care” and “Let Me Love You”). A possible track entitled “My Hair” is said to have had Grande recording with Tommy Brown, Victoria Monét and Tayla Parx.

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