Rapper 21 Savage and producer Metro Boomin have announced the release of their latest collaborative project, “Savage Mode 2,” with a video featuring the voice of actor Morgan Freeman.

Over imagery of crows with blood-red eyes, a snowy graveyard and Savage and Boomin in the studio, Freeman’s soothing voice informs viewers of the true meaning of savage mode.

“‘Savage’ is defined as fierce, beastly and untamed. ‘Mode’ is defined as a way of operating or using a system,” Freeman says. “So to be in a savage mode is to go hard, not allowing anything to stop or deter you from your mission,” Freeman says.

As one of the songs from the album begins to play and blood pours into a room in a scene reminiscent of “The Shining,” Freeman continues his voiceover.

“Basically, this means when somebody is in savage mode, they are not to be f—ed with,” Freeman says. “I now present to you, ‘Savage Mode 2.'”

The trailer video is directed by Gibson Hazard, who has produced visuals for an impressive roster of artists, including Drake, Lil Uzi Vert, Diddy, Dr. Dre and The Weeknd. Though it has not been officially announced, it is possible that the trailer could be the start to a music video for one of the tracks on the upcoming album.

“Savage Mode 2” is the sequel to Savage and Boomin’s 2016 EP “Savage Mode,” which produced songs like “X” featuring Future, “No Heart” and of course, the titular track “Savage Mode.”

A promotional website for the album has also been created, featuring “Savage Mode 2” merchandise, a live countdown and a phone number that fans can call to hear a sneak peek of the project.

Watch the full announcement video below.