Superstar K-pop band, BTS has released two additional remix versions of current hit single “Dynamite.” One is a cool ‘Tropical’ version, the other a refreshing ‘Poolside’ version.

“Both (are) the perfect tunes for the summer,” agency Big Hit Entertainment said. “With the latest renditions of their all-English-sung “Dynamite”, BTS further spreads a message of hope and a spike of energy to every corner of the world.”

“The first performance is set to be revealed this weekend on MTV Video Music Awards on August 30,” the company added.

Earlier this week the band unveiled two other twists on the “Dynamite” disco pop tune: an acoustic reworking: and an electronic dance music version. “While the minimal acoustic track puts at the very forefront the members’ vocals, the EDM is a rearrangement of the original song that maximizes the upbeat and fun vibes,” BHE said in a statement.

Propelled by enormous fan-power, “Dynamite” took the number one spot on Spotify’s “Global Top 50,” the first time that has been achieved by a Korean act. The song also achieved 101.1 million video views in its first 24 hours on YouTube, with the video directed by Yong Seok Choi of production firm Lumpens. At one point it claimed over 3 million concurrent viewers.

The band reinforced the popularity of “Dynamite” by releasing the B-side music video. It follows BTS on the same filming set, but in different angles from the original version.

Releasing “Dynamite” was not originally part of BTS’ plans. It came just six months after the release of the group’s fourth studio album, “Map of the Soul: 7,” which was released on Feb. 21. But the band members changed their approach after hearing the finished version, and decided that it could be a tonic for currently troubled times.

The group’s fourth theatrical film, “Break The Silence: The Movie,” is scheduled to hit more than 70 countries beginning Sept. 10, with a rollout in an additional 40-plus regions Sept. 24.