BTS Score Title Song for Japanese Film ‘Your Eyes Tell’ (EXCLUSIVE)

BTS title track for "Your Eyes Tell"
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Korean pop sensation, BTS will provide the original theme song for upcoming Japanese movie “Your Eyes Tell.” With BTS member Jungkook among the composers, it is the first time that the best-selling band has participated with a film in this manner.

The song and the movie share the same English-language title, though the English title of the song is presented as “Your Eyes Tell” and the film also goes by the Japanese title “Kimino mega toikaketeiru.” The song features as a track on the new “Map of the Soul: 7 – The Journey” album being launched Wednesday for the Japan market.

The film is a remake of the 2011 Korean movie “Always,” which was directed by Song Il-gon. The retread is directed by Takahiro Miki and stars Yuriko Yoshitaka (“We Were There”) and Ryusei Yokohama (TV drama “Your Turn to Kill”). It is set for release by Gaga Corporation on Oct. 23 this year. Gaga is also handling the movie’s international rights sales.

Under Miki’s direction, Yokohama plays a reticent ex-kickboxer who has broken away from a shady job as a mob debt collector and now lives a simple life alone. While at work, he meets a blind girl, played by Yoshitaka, who manages to be optimistic despite her disability and the loss of her parents in an accident some years ago. Her attention and carefree brightness bring the man out of his shell, leading the pair towards romance. But his dark past and her misfortunes are intertwined as well.

“We are glad to be part of such an amazing film. Jungkook took part in composing the theme song Your eyes tell’ that goes well with the beautiful and profound love portrayed in the film”. Listen closely to the beautiful melody and the message of the lyrics conveying that ‘In the midst of hardship, I believe there is light in your sights of the future.’ Hope you enjoy it and feel our emotions we poured into the song when you watch the movie!,” said the band in a prepared statement.

BTS is the first South Korean artist to perform at the 62nd Grammy Awards and the fastest group to score four No.1 hits on the Billboard 200 chart since The Beatles.