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The playwright Bess Wohl is always chasing a wild idea — and she’s found that rather than scaring away her collaborators, it just makes them more eager.

Listen to this week’s podcast below:

“I started my career thinking, oh, I’ll just write a play that’s really easy to do,” Wohl said on the latest episode of Stagecraft, Variety’s theater podcast. “I’ll do 2 characters, it’ll be one set, it’ll be very produce-able. What I have learned is that all theater is really hard — even two characters on a single set is really hard to pull off! So why not do the crazy thing that’s in your imagination? I’ve also learned that people [I work with] are really excited by that challenge, and it sort of lifts everybody up to meet it.”

Wohl — who’s written everything from a mostly-wordless play set at a silent retreat (“Small Mouth Sounds”) to a mystery that, for its first half, stars only child actors (“Make Believe”) — is making her Broadway debut with the Second Stage Theater production of “Grand Horizons,” a new comedy with a starry cast led by Jane Alexander and James Cromwell. The show centers on a retired couple that considers getting a divorce after 50 years of marriage, and features a startling staging surprise that feels a lot like one of those crazy ideas that Wohl finds ways to put onstage.

“I’m always interested in what seems impossible,” she explained. “Doing things that haven’t been before, that I haven’t seen before, that I think will either result in something really interesting or a total catastrophe and I’m not really sure which. It often feels like an impulse that I can’t get rid off. A little itch that I really need to scratch.”

Wohl was an actress before she turned to writing, and on Stagecraft she reminisced about how playing a lab technician on “CSI:NY” made her realize that acting wasn’t for her — and also revealed the lasting impact that Sandy Duncan had on her life and career.

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