Stylist Leslie Fremar kept looks fresh for Charlize Theron’s “Bombshell” tour: “The clothes don’t wear her, she really wears the clothes well.”

Oct. 27

“I really thought I was watching Megyn Kelly,” says stylist Leslie Fremar of “Bombshell” star Charlize Theron. “I was impressed with just how transformative she really is.” Through the press tour, she transformed on the style front, too. “She has this really evolving hair that she’s been changing a lot for different roles. She went from having really dark to lighter hair, cutting it into a bowl and now into a platinum, really short style, so I think that’s been driving the inspiration with the outfits.” She pulled the black-and- white Governors Awards look from the Tom Ford show. “It was cool and effortless, and I think that’s what she liked about it.”

Dec. 10

The Dior show inspired Theron’s dramatic look for the “Bombshell” L.A. premiere. “[Maria Grazia Chiuri] did all these incredible black laces and embroideries, and there was one look in particular that we loved and ended up changing to suit Charlize’s body,” Fremar says. “We just lowered the V and shortened the skirt.” Theron added two different-length Dior earrings. “Charlize loves jewelry — I’ve never met anyone who loves jewelry as much as her,” she says. “Fine jewelry, costume jewelry, you name it. She likes this asymmetrical idea with her short hair, so we’ve been playing that up.”

Jan. 5

“She had mentioned to me that she was loving green,” says Fremar, who relayed the idea to Dior. “They
came back with this kelly-green swatch that we thought felt really original and special. We wanted something vibrant and it felt fresh. White, black, red — those are the typical colors you see, so we thought,‘Let’s try it.’” Her Tiffany &
Co. necklace with a “huge emerald” was set in diamonds and sapphires — “which you don’t really see that often.” Uniqueness now is a difficult feat: “It’s hard to be original with everything being on Instagram and social media, so
I think people are taking risks and trying to create something you haven’t seen before.”

Jan. 12

Celine’s Hedi Slimane made the silver dress Theron wore to the Critics’ Choice Awards. “It’s very heavy and hand-embroidered, really amazing,” she says. “We decided to wear the tuxedo jacket last minute — we felt like it toughened it up a little bit, and made it feel more like an evening tuxedo. She loved the shoes, too — they’re half black, half silver.” Fremar is on her 65th press look for “Bombshell.” “So we’re just trying to keep it fresh and moving, and making her feel good is the ultimate goal.” Theron’s looks are as strong and empowering as the character she portrays: “She just is that type of person, so I think it translates in her clothes.”