Cinemarket, a B2B platform that enables producers to sell the international rights to their films directly to distributors, has partnered with First Cut Plus, a program that seeks to boost the competitiveness of independent films, building on a webinar held by Karlovy Vary Film Festival.

First Cut Plus works with the producers of 16 fiction feature films a year, mainly from Central and Eastern Europe, which are in post-production. The program is part of Karlovy Vary’s industry section Eastern Promises, which runs July 6-8 online. The Cinemarket partnership will allow the producers participating in First Cut Plus to access the platform.

Cinemarket’s Lucero Garzon and Anne-Sophie Le-hec participated recently in a webinar, organized by First Cut Plus and moderated by Variety, about alternative distribution strategies. The webinar was held as a warm-up event to Eastern Promises main schedule of virtual events.

Cinemarket, which is focused on arthouse films from around the world, is the only European platform offering a free-to-use option. Films are showcased to potential buyers – festivals, distributors, streaming platforms, and so on – for rights acquisition. It also provides a legal tool for directors and producers – with online contracts and payment – to facilitate and conclude the sale of their films.

As part of the partnership with First Cut Plus, the films coming from its selection will be highlighted on the platform, its right holders will benefit from a personal coaching session on how to sell a film on Cinemarket, and a special commission rate on its first transaction will be applied.

“We are thrilled to conclude this partnership with First Cut Plus since our activities are complementary,” Garzón said. “They accompany film directors and producers until the completion of their films, and Cinemarket can help them access the market. Our community of buyers and sellers is growing every week and this first partnership is a part of our strategy to expand Cinemarket’s content offer with highly curated films.”

Ilaria Gomarasca, head of First Cut Plus, said: “Since we cooperated with Lucero Garzon and Anne-Sophie Le-hec from Cinemarket for First Cut Plus webinar about ‘Alternative Distribution Strategies,’ we had the feeling that there was a great compatibility between the two programs to explore together. First Cut Plus aims to find an access for European films to a highly competitive international market and Cinemarket can be the right platform for connecting our producers and filmmakers to the buyers.”