Stylist Michael Fisher wanted Sam Rockwell’s looks to reflect his dynamic acting: “Sam and I gravitate towards color and pattern.”

Sept. 8

“It’s a celebration with Sam every time we have a fitting,” says stylist Michael Fisher of longtime client Rockwell. “He’s
such a vibrant, amazing actor and personality, and he really enjoys these moments, so every time we do something, I always want to make it as fun and special and unique as possible.” Rockwell arrived at the Toronto festival premiere of “Jojo Rabbit” in this purple Gucci suit and pale shirt. “Sam’s character was like this closeted Nazi. The whole movie walks this line of dealing with a very serious subject matter, but it’s so humorous that I wanted the clothes to have a sense of humor and lyricism and not be so serious.”

Oct. 15

For the Hollywood “Jojo Rabbit” event, Rockwell donned a dark green suit and patterned shirt by Acne Studios. “We did a lot of prints and colors and greens,” says Fisher of the press tour. “I wanted him to feel comfortable and light. Because everyone in all the press junkets was like,‘You’re talking about Hitler and the Holocaust,’ but how the movie and the director [Taika Waititi] handled it was so amazing, that I wanted that to reflect in the clothes.” As Rockwell tends to move around a lot, Fisher likes clothes to be “fluid.” They’ll do embellished items and “crazy socks,” but often forgo straight ties. “Just because he’s not that buttoned-up as a person.”

Dec. 2

“I’m a huge fan of what Kris Van Assche is doing at Berluti now — it’s such an interesting color palette,” Fisher says. “Sam loves color and patterns, so when that suit came in, I thought, ‘This is beautiful; it’s such an amazing art piece and only Sam could carry it off.’” They considered using it for a premiere of “Richard Jewell,” Clint Eastwood’s film starring Rockwell about the 1996 Centennial Olympic Park bombing. “And I’m looking at it like, ‘Oh no, does this look like it was in the bombing?’” Fisher says. “But it was fun, it was holiday, it was silver and chaotic, and Sam’s acting is so explosive that I thought it was great for the Gotham Awards.”

Jan. 5

“Sam’s an actor, first and foremost,” Fisher says. “When he does these high-profile awards show carpets, we embellish a little bit, but I still keep it classic.” For the Globes, the “Fosse/Verdon” nominee went for subtle color. “He mentioned purple, and Prada made it happen with the most beautiful deep shade.” They added a blush-colored shirt and Rockwell’s “lucky pumps.” “His stacked heel nods to his character Bob Fosse,” Fisher says. “Sam is always dancing on the carpet and he’s worn the same pair of Louboutin shoes for the last three awards seasons.” The end result was chic but distinct: “Even though it’s subtle, it screams Sam all the way.”