Italian actor and screenwriter Daria Nicolodi, who played the prying journalist Gianna Brezzi in the Dario Argento cult classic “Deep Red”(Profondo Rosso), and was herself a cult figure, has died. She was 70.

The cause of her death, announced by her daughter Asia Argento and Italian news reports, was not disclosed.

Born in Florence in June 1950, Nicolodi made her acting debut in Italian master Francesco Rosi’s “Many Wars Ago” (Uomini Contro). She was working with helmer Elio Petri when in 1974 she met Dario Argento, with whom she had a longstanding romance, becoming his muse both on and off the screen. In 1975, Nicolodi gave birth to their daughter, Asia Argento, now an actor, director, singer and well-known media personality.

After “Deep Red’s” release in 1975, Nicolodi went on to perform in Dario Argento films “Inferno,”(1980), “Tenebre” (1982), “Phenomena” (1984) and “Opera” (1987).

She is also credited with conceiving the original idea and contributing to the screenplay for Argento’s “Suspiria.” Dario Argento and Nicolodi separated in 1985.

Besides working with Argento, Nicolodi also acted in Italian horror maestro Mario Bava’s final film “Shock” (1977).

In 2007, she worked with Dario and Asia Argento on “Mother of Tears.” She also acted with her daughter in Giovanni Veronesi’s “Viola Bacia Tutti” and in “Scarlett Diva,” which Asia Argento directed.

“Rest in peace beloved mother. Now you can fly free with your great spirit and you won’t have to suffer anymore,” wrote Asia Argento on Instagram.

“I will try to go on for your beloved grandchildren and especially for you who would never want to see me so grieved. Even if without you I miss the ground under my feet, and I feel I have lost my only true point of reference. I am close to all those who have known and loved her. I will always be your Aria, Daria.”