Veronica Cartwright has been cast in the upcoming biopic “How to Talk with Spirits,” Variety has learned.

“The Birds” and “Alien” star will play real-life psychic June Ahern in the supernatural thriller based on Ahern’s life and book of the same title.

The indie film, directed and produced by “Shopping for Fangs” and “Drift” filmmaker Quentin Lee, sees the retired psychic working with law enforcement to find missing people in the Bay Area. Using her special talents, Ahern helps the San Francisco police solve the murder of her client’s daughter, whose ghost relentlessly haunts her loved ones.

“I’m very excited to be playing June Ahern,” said Cartwright. “Having spoken to June, who is alive and well, she told me it’s not just that she saw the incident, but she felt the emotion of the the person that was murdered and embodied those emotions. I’m looking forward to the challenge. I am also looking forward to working with Quentin Lee as he has a real insight into this living person.”

Julia Nickson has also been tapped to portray Ahern’s client, Yuko Tanaka, while Michael Copon will play the role of local indie filmmaker Matt. Jennifer Field is attached to play Tanaka’s murdered daughter, Elaine Tanaka-Chandler.

“Quentin Lee’s film will show how a person with developed psychic abilities can be a helpful, healing force in the case of murder,” said Ahern. “The film reveals how justice is served through communication with a victim’s spirit.”

Lee also commented, “I’m really thrilled to be crafting this untold story with Veronica Cartwright, a heartthrob of my favorite movies such as ‘Alien’ and ‘Invasion of the Body Snatchers’ that I grew up with. ‘How to Talk with Spirits’ is a rare movie where a senior female protagonist takes center stage, and I believe the film will give Veronica her long due respect in Hollywood.”

“How to Talk with Spirits” is scheduled for production in summer 2021.