United Talent Agency has elevated 19 agents and executives to partner, the largest partnership class in the company’s history.

The promotions come from numerous divisions, including television literature, news and broadcast, podcasts, endorsements and voiceover.

“These are leaders across our business making substantial contributions to the growth, evolution and resilience of our company,” UTA Co-President David Kramer said in a statement. “In their talent and leadership, we see the expanding reach of UTA’s work on behalf of world-class creators and cultural voices. These individuals are influential leaders not just at UTA but in their fields, and our company as a whole will benefit from having their unique and diverse expertise, innovation, and perspectives at the partner table.”

The new partner group also includes senior corporate executives in legal, corporate communications and finance. The agency estimates that more than half of the partner group now consists of women and people of color, also accounting the recent appointment of Samantha Kirby Yoh as Co-Head of UTA Music.

The list of new partners includes:

Brittany Balbo – Co-Head, Endorsements and Voiceover
Ali Berman – Co-Head, Digital Talent
Darren Boghosian – Agent, Talent
Lyndsay Harding – Chief Financial Officer
Ryan Hayden – Agent, News and Broadcasting
James Kearney – Agent, TV Lit
David Kirsch – Agent, Alternative TV
Arthur Lewis – Creative Director, UTA Fine Arts/Artist Space
Lucinda Moorhead – Agent, TV Lit
Seth Oster – Global Chief Communications Officer
Cheryl Paglierani – Agent, Music
Oren Rosenbaum – Head of Emerging Platforms
Steve Sadicario – Agent, News and Broadcasting
Michael Sinclair – General Counsel
Carolyn Sivitz – Agent, MP Lit
Sam Stone – Co-Head, Endorsements and Voiceover
Danie Streisand – Agent, Talent
Darnell Strom – Head of Culture and Leadership
Geoff Suddleson – Agent, Alternative TV