The Time’s Up Foundation and the Association of Film Commissioners International have collaborated on an effort to push for diversity among commissions and safety on film sets as production begins to re-open.

“Our hope is that this report both inspires film commissions to stay invested in these efforts and encourages others to do the same,” said Tina Tchen, president and CEO of the Time’s Up Foundation. “Because when we change who is telling the stories, the stories themselves change — and these under- represented voices carry important perspectives that need to be seen on screen, now more than ever.

The organizations said Thursday that their joint “Diversity Report 2020: A Study of AFCI Member and Partner Diversity Initiatives” is aimed at bringing attention to efforts led by film commissions.

“Film commissions play a critical role in diversity initiatives, and this new report provides our members and related agencies with an opportunity to lead by example as plans are being developed to restart production amid COVID-19,” said AFCI President Jess Conoplia. “Now is a unique time to fortify our efforts and take action to advance diversity, inclusion and equal opportunity. As the screen industry begins to reset and reopen, there is no better time to ensure that diversity initiatives are front and center when it comes to international screen industry policy.”

The 26-page report includes examples of developing new diversity and anti-discrimination guidelines and policies and training programs. It also focuses on embedding diversity/anti-discrimination planning and benchmarks into the incentive application process and expanding access to screen sector employment opportunities via training programs, grants, scholarships, relationships, public-private partnerships and promotion.

The report recommends that film commissions “acknowledge ancestral lands” and share promotional reels that feature “diverse talent and activities.” Information in the report was collated with data sourced from AFCI members representing diverse regions around the globe. The full report is available on AFCI’s website and here.