Spyscape, a New York City museum experience dedicated to the art of espionage, announced plans today for a film and TV festival named Spyflix.

The event will take place starting April 18 with international availability through virtual screenings. Submissions will be accepted now through Feb. 28, with the overarching theme being “secrets.” Anything revolving around the topic, from espionage and hacking to true crime and investigative documentaries, is eligible to be included in the festival.

“Secrets are powerful and ancient narrative devices that tap deep into our psyche,” said Spyflix rep Francis Jagoin a statement. “They power some of the most successful franchises … and they’re core to the most engaging stories across news and current affairs, history and politics. Spyflix will help storytellers bring the power of secrets into sharper focus, stimulating greater discovery, and critical discourse around the genre.”

Awards will be presented in the categories of features, shorts and series after the festival’s screenings complete. Cash prizes will also be given out to selected winners.

The Spyflix advisory board and jury, responsible for selecting award recipients, will include Steve Mosko, Simon Cornwell, Joe Weisberg, Alex Cary, Linus Roache, Albin Lewi, James Gay-Rees, David Rosen, Laila Robins, Sarah Megan Thomas and Leopoldo Gout, as well as former CIA station chief John Sipher and former FBI behavioral profiler Jim Clemente.

Though plans call for virtual screenings, Spyscape also intends to use its New York building to aid with interactive storytelling projects for the festival.

A rolling submissions program will follow the first Spyflix event, as projects will be shared online with the intent of holding award presentations three times per year. Spyscape hopes to uncover new talent from diverse and underrepresented backgrounds through the festival.