Trustees of the SAG-AFTRA Health Plans have announced that there will be no charge for coronavirus testing for participants in the plans.

The plans will waive all copays, deductibles and coinsurance for COVID-19 testing at in-network facilities, making it free for participants. This includes any fees for office visits or telehealth visits for COVID-19 testing.

“The plans have long had Telehealth coverage through LiveHealth in place so participants who are ill or need care can have a telemedicine visit with a doctor without having to even leave their home, making access easier and avoiding sick people going out or to medical offices and facilities,” the plans said in an announcement Thursday.

The plans are operated by a board of trustees, with half representing SAG-AFTRA and half representing the production companies. Eligibility for the plans is determined by meeting earnings thresholds during a four-quarter period. The union did not immediately comment on an inquiry as to whether the thresholds would be revised due to the expected slowdown in production due to the coronavirus crisis.

SAG-AFTRA has suspended all in-person union meetings to help stop the spread of coronavirus. The union announced the move on Monday as part of “social-distancing tactics to help reduce the possibility of potential exposure or transmission through travel and attendance at face-to-face meetings.”

The initiative was announced in an email sent to the 160,000 SAG-AFTRA members by union president Gabrielle Carteris and national executive director David White.