Cinelytic has agreed with Fandango to incorporate Rotten TomatoesTomatometer and audience scores into its business intelligence platform, Variety has learned exclusively.

“During these critical times when the filmed entertainment business model is experiencing accelerated changes, Rotten Tomatoes’ critic and audience scores will provide users of our platform additional capabilities and insights that will be helpful for deciding how best to bring content to market – whether via OTT or theatrical,” said Cinelytic co-founder and CEO Tobias Queisser.

Based in Los Angeles, Cinelytic features machine learning and artificial intelligence driven tools pioneered at NASA that provide major studios and independent companies insights on talent value, content potential/risk and audience demand in real time.

Rotten Tomatoes is a 22-year-old review aggregator site that’s been owned by Comcast’s Fandango ticketing site since 2016. A movie’s Tomatometer score is aimed at providing an overall look at reviews with a film considered “fresh” if positive reviews make up more than 60% of reviews while a film is rated “rotten” if that number is less than 60%.

“Rotten Tomatoes has become the go-to resource worldwide for entertainment reviews and recommendations, with the Tomatometer and Audience Scores capturing the true sentiments of critics and fans,” said Mark Young, Fandango’s senior VP for global strategy and business and corporate development. “We’re excited that the scores for the first time will be utilized for market research purposes in Cinelytic’s platform, helping the Hollywood creative community make content decisions that will resonate with audiences.

“Cinelytic has created a robust platform to help Hollywood executives determine what content, creative and talent will best resonate with audiences,” Young added. “Adding Rotten Tomatoes’ critic and audiences scores into their platform should give an even more accurate and educated picture of potential performance.”