Rosamund Pike brings pioneering scientist Marie Curie to life in late 19th century Paris in the U.S. trailer for the biopic “Radioactive.”

The trailer, which dropped Friday, starts with Pike in a lecture hall telling those assembled, “I want to tell you about radium, a most peculiar and remarkable element because it does not behave as it should.”

Pike’s determined Curie (born Marie Skłodowska) is seen next in a lab mixing chemicals and saying in a voiceover, “Science is changing and the very people who are running science are the people who believe the world is flat and I’m going to prove them wrong.”

She meets fellow scientist Pierre Curie, played by Sam Riley, and teams with him to prove the existence of what Curie called “radioactivity.” In 1903, the pair jointly won the Nobel Prize in Physics for their discovery, making her the first woman to earn the prize.

“Radioactive,” directed by Marjane Satrapi, premiered in September as the closing night film at the Toronto International Film Festival. Amazon had planned an April release in the U.S. but scrubbed that date due to the COVID-19 pandemic and will launch the film on July 24.

“Radioactive” is based on the book by Lauren Redniss. Anya Taylor-Joy also stars as Irene Curie, daughter of Marie and Pierre Curie. Here’s the trailer: