Cameras are set to roll in the Big Apple again.

Film and television production in New York City can resume on July 20, Mayor Bill de Blasio said at a news conference on Friday. The restrictions of shooting were part of a city-wide shutdown in March — a period of time in which the city became the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic. Cases have since dropped dramatically. Hospitalizations from COVID-19 dropped to their lowest levels in four months this week.

The resumption of film production is part of New York City’s Phase 4 reopening. As part of that loosening of restrictions, the city can host professional sports events provided there are no fans, as well as higher education classes. Indoor dining is still banned and venues such as malls and museums are not opening as part of this phase.

“It’s all about safety,” de Blasio said. “We want to bring people back to work. We want people to get their livelihoods back. We want to bring our city back. But safety and health first, always.”

New York has become a major center of production in recent years and its sound stages and backlots are in high demand because the state offers generous tax incentives.