Miriam Haley, the former “Project Runway” production assistant who testified at Harvey Weinstein’s trial earlier this year, filed a civil lawsuit against the producer on Friday.

Weinstein was convicted in February of sexually assaulting Haley at his Soho apartment in July 2006. He was also convicted of third-degree rape of another woman, Jessica Mann. He is now serving a 23-year sentence in a New York State prison, of which 20 years stems from Haley’s allegation.

In her lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court in New York, Haley says she is seeking to “obtain compensation for the pain, suffering, and economic injuries caused by Weinstein’s sexual assault.”

Haley is represented by Gloria Allred. The suit states claims of assault, battery and violation of the New York City law against gender-motivated violence.

“Weinstein’s sexual attack on Ms. Haley scarred her deeply, mentally and emotionally,” the lawsuit states. “It stripped her of her dignity as a human being and as a woman. It crushed her confidence and faith in people and in herself.”

Haley was the second accuser to testify against Weinstein at his trial. She sobbed as she described how Weinstein had forced her onto a bed and performed oral sex on her as she screamed, “No, no!”

She also testified that Weinstein had sex with her against her will at the Tribeca Grand Hotel later that summer. She said that, though she did not consent, she did not actively resist. In that instance, she said Weinstein had called her a “whore” and a “bitch.”

The lawsuit restates that allegation, but makes clear that Haley is seeking compensation only for the first incident.

On the stand in January, Weinstein’s defense attorney, Damon Cheronis, asked Haley if she was planning to file a lawsuit.

“Anything is a possibility, but I have no plans,” she said at the time.

Donna Rotunno, another defense attorney, argued that Haley had sent affectionate emails to Weinstein, and was using him to get a job. She also raised the prospect that Haley would file a lawsuit.

“Civil lawyers give scripts to their clients so that they don’t have to admit to you that they’re looking for money,” Rotunno said in her closing argument.

Haley filed the suit against Weinstein alone, and is not seeking compensation from the Weinstein Co. or any of its board members.