Academy Wins Bid for ‘Midsommar’ May Queen Dress From A24 Charity Auction (EXCLUSIVE)

Midsommar May Queen Dress
'Midsommar' Flower Dress Sold to the Academy for $65,000
'Midsommar' Flower Dress Sold to the Academy for $65,000
'Midsommar' Flower Dress Sold to the Academy for $65,000
'Midsommar' Flower Dress Sold to the Academy for $65,000

The Academy Museum is now the proud owner of Florence Pugh’s iconic floral dress from “Midsommar.” The organization behind the Oscars was the highest bidder in an auction held by A24, with proceeds going to coronavirus relief efforts. The final bid went for $65,000, per A24’s website, though the Academy Museum declined to confirm the price point.

The May Queen dress is one of several props, wardrobe items and set pieces that A24 has been auctioning off to raise money for the FDNY Foundation, a non-profit that supports New York City firefighters and their families who have been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. So far, A24’s auction has raised over $200,000 to benefit the hardest-hit communities in New York City.

The frock in particular, made of 10,000 silk flowers and worn by Pugh in the final scene of Ari Aster’s 2019 horror film, was such a hot item that it caught the eye of Ariana Grande, among others. Grande shared a screenshot on her Instagram story in April of conversations with Pugh, indicating she was eyeing the elaborate gown. “i’m crying / also i’m bidding as soon as possible,” she wrote at the time. Halsey also appeared to be vying for the dress, tweeting “dont [sic] bid for the midsommar may queen outfit.”

The Academy Museum has not determined how or when the dress might be displayed.

The May Queen dress isn’t the only “Midsommar” prop that sold for a few grand. The matching flower crown went for $15,000. The bear headdress, worn in the movie by Jack Reynor, sold for $5,750 and the fishing mallet went for $10,000. In total, items from “Midsommar” alone raised about $100,000 dollars for the FDNY Foundation.

Recognizable items such as the burgundy jacket worn by Zendaya’s character in “Euphoria” ($8,000) and the skateboard from Jonah Hill’s directorial debut “Mid90s” ($7,500) were also sold.

Collectibles still up for grabs include a bejeweled Furby pendant and the Weeknd’s wig from “Uncut Gems,” as well as the mermaid carving and Wake’s pipe from Robert Pattinson’s “The Lighthouse.” The remaining prop auction ends on May 20.