The publishing and production entity of best-selling author Michael Crichton’s estate has signed with Range Media Partners, Variety has learned.

CrichtonSun, run by Sherri Crichton and partner Laurent Bouzereau, will partner with Range to produce, package and develop a slate of projects from the Crichton archives. Projects in the works include several television series as well as a major screen adaptation of one of the author’s unpublished manuscripts.

Michael Crichton was a prolific author and filmmakers, having written 18 best-sellers including “The Andromeda Strain,” “Jurassic Park,” “Congo,” “Disclosure” and “Sphere.”  His directing credits include “Westworld,” “Coma” and “The Great Train Robbery,” for which he adapted the screenplays.

In 1995, he achieved a pop culture milestone by having the nation’s top-rated TV show (“ER”), best-selling book (“The Lost World”) and the No. 1 movie in the country (“Congo”). He repeated the feat again with “ER,” “Airframe” and “Twister.”

“We’re thrilled to have found true creative partners at Range,” Sherri Crichton said. “They share our passion of preserving the Crichton legacy and we look forward to tapping into their imaginative minds and exciting pool of talent to continue bringing Michael’s visions to life for audiences and readers around the world.”

Founded in 2014, CrichtonSun is dedicated to continuing the Crichton legacy through an array of projects across multiple platforms including film, television, and podcasts. The company has also kept the author on the best-seller list with newly found literary works including “Pirate Latitudes,” “Dragon Teeth” and “Micro.”

Michael Cooper, co-founding partner of Range, said his shop was “deeply honored to have the opportunity to partner with Sherri and Laurent and embrace the magic given to the world from this titan. Michael Crichton’s footprint is indelible and singular.”