Belgian-French drama “Matriochkas,” the documentary “The Heart Still Hums” and the animated film “The Fabric of You” have won the top prizes at the Palm Springs International ShortFest.

The festival unveiled the juried award winners Sunday from the 332 short films that were part of the official selection. Some of the winners are now qualified to enter the shorts categories for the Oscars.

The Best of the Festival Award, including a $5,000 prize from the Greater Palm Springs Convention & Visitors Bureau, went to “Matriochkas,” directed by Bérangère McNeese. The film centers on a 16-year-old who lives with her young mother and begins to discover her own sexuality. As she learns she is pregnant, her mother sees herself in her daughter, at the same age, facing the same choices.

“Writer/Director Bérangère McNeese brings a complex and bold point of view to the page and screen, drawing unexpected turns from the script and nuanced performances from her cast, including a remarkable debut from lead actress Héloïse Volle,” the jury said.

“The Heart Still Hums,” directed by Savanah Leaf and Taylor Russell, follows five women as they fight for their children through the cycle of homelessness, drug addiction and neglect from their own parents. The film won the Best Documentary Short award for “its expansive yet still intimate examination of mothers in crisis and the Sacramento collectives who work with them to enable agency and hope.”

“The Fabric of You,” directed by Josephine Lohoar Self, centers on a gay twenty-something-year-old mouse, who hides his true identity while he works as a tailor. “Weaving together strong thematic elements with keen attention to simple detail and a tangible, textural aesthetic, stop-motion animator Josephine Lohoar Self masterfully breathes life into this fully-realized story of love and loss that is both visually impactful and emotionally resonant,” the jury said.

Inbar Horesh won the prize for best live-action short over 15 minutes for “Birth Right.” Laurynas Bareisa won the prize for best live-action short under 15 minutes for “Dummy.”

The entire awards list follows:

Greater Palm Springs CVB Best of the Festival Award – Matriochkas (Belgium/France), Directed by Bérangère Mc Neese

Special Mention (for Creative Vision): Stay Awake, Be Ready (Vietnam/South Korea/USA), Directed by Pham Thien An

Special Mention (for Direction): Mizaru (India/USA), Directed by Sudarshan Suresh

Best Animated Short – Winner received a $1,000 cash prize. The Fabric of You (UK), Directed by Josephine Lohoar Self

Special Mention: SH_T Happens (Czech Republic/Slovakia/France), Directed by Mihalyi and David Stumpf

Best Documentary Short: The Heart Still Hums (USA), Directed by Savanah Leaf and Taylor Russell

Special Mentions: Dead Woman’s Pass (Peru/Qatar), Directed by Lali Houghton, Huntsville Station (USA), Directed by Jamie Meltzer and Chris Filippone

Best Live-Action Short Over 15 Minutes: Birth Right (Israel), Directed by Inbar Horesh

Special Mention: Henet Ward (Egypt), Directed by Morad Mostafa

Best Live-Action Short 15 Minutes and Under: Dummy (Lithuania), Directed by Laurynas Bareisa

Special Mention: The Midsummer’s Voice (China/USA), Directed by Yudi Zhang

Student Short Awards:

Best Student Animated Short: Daughter (Czech Republic), Directed by Daria Kashcheeva

Special Mention: SH_T Happens (Czech Republic/Slovakia/France), Directed by Michaela Mihalyi and David Stumpf

Best Student Documentary Short: For Your Sake (Germany), Directed by Ronja Hemm

Special Mention: All Cats Are Grey in the Dark (Switzerland), Directed by Lasse Linder

Best Student International Short: Still Working (Switzerland), Directed by Julietta Korbel

Special Mention: 22:47 Linie 34 (Switzerland), Directed by Michael Karrer

Best Student U.S. Short: Heading South (China/USA), Directed by Yuan Yuan

Special Mention: Tape (USA/Canada/Finland), Directed by Jojo Erholtz

Special Jury Awards:

Best International Short: The Tongues (Norway), Directed by Marja Bål Nango and Ingir Bål

Special Mention: Funfair (Iran/Canada), Directed by Kaveh Mazaheri

Best U.S. Short: My Hero (USA), Directed by Logan Jackson

Special Mention (for Stylistic Vision and Emerging Talent): Pharmacopeia (USA), Directed by Tania Taiwo

GoE Bridging the Borders Award: The Present (Palestine), Directed by Farah Nabulsi

Special Mention: Container (Greece/USA), Directed by Daphne Maziariaki

Local Jury Award: Welcome Strangers (USA), Directed by Dia Sokol Savage

Special Mention: Sundays at the Triple Nickel (USA), Directed by Jess Colquhoun

Vimeo Staff Pick Award: Give Up the Ghost (Jordan/Germany/Sweden), Directed by Zain Duraie

Young Cineastes Award: Colette (USA/France/Germany), Directed by Anthony Giacchino

Special Mention: Gold Plated (Belgium), Directed by Chloé Léonil

Best Comedy Short: Viktor on the Moon (Denmark), Directed by Christian Arhoff

Special Mention (for Direction): Blocks (USA), Directed by Bridget Moloney

Best LGBTQ+ Short: Kama’aina (USA), Directed by Kimi Howl Lee

Special Mention: La Gloria (USA), Directed by Mary Evangelista

Best Midnight Short: The Sleepwalkers (India), Directed by Radhika Apte

Special Mention (for Best Climax): The Nights Alone (France), Directed by Olivier Strauss

Special Mention (for Creative Vision): Stay Awake, Be Ready (Vietnam/South Korea/USA), Directed by Pham Thien An

Special Mention (for Direction): Mizaru (India/USA), Directed by Sudarshan Suresh