M. Night Shyamalan, the director of “The Sixth Sense” and “Glass,” is teaming with Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’ campaign on a filmmaking contest designed to help get out the vote.

The campaign is reaching out to would-be Spielbergs to submit a 90 second-long short film about casting their ballot in the upcoming national election. Contest participants are being asked to answer a few targeted questions such as: Why are you voting? How are you voting? Who do you want to encourage to vote? What’s your voting story?

“This is such a historical moment that we’re in and everyone has a crucial part to play,” Shyamalan said in a statement. “Storytelling is at the nucleus of it. We need more (honest) stories about why people are voting or why they may be reluctant to vote. I’d like to be a catalyst for those stories to be told and hopefully inspire change as a result.”

Shyamalan will review the entries along with members of the Biden-Harris campaign staff to pick three films that will “showcase impact, authentic storytelling and give a clear call to action on voting.” Presumably no extra points will be given for delivering one of Shyamalan’s signature twist endings.

Winners will get a chance to participate in a virtual meet-up with Shyamalan to talk about art, film and politics. Their videos will be promoted online by the campaign, as well.

Shyamalan was raised and still resides in Pennsylvania, which is considered to be a key, must-win swing state for Biden’s presidential campaign. The competition is being announced a day after Biden’s first debate against Donald Trump, a clash during which the sitting president called the election rigged while the former vice president attempted to defend the integrity of voting by mail.

Videos can be uploaded directly or shared on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #VoteByNight. The deadline for submissions is Oct. 12.