Actor Kevin Connolly has denied a report in the Daily Beast that he sexually assaulted a costume designer at a wrap party in 2005.

The outlet reported Wednesday that Gracie Cox alleges that Connolly led her into a VIP area during the party for “Gardener of Eden” and sexually assaulted her.

Connolly, best known for her role on HBO’s “Entourage,” is represented by Martin Singer. In a statement, Singer’s firm said that he denies the allegation.

“Kevin strongly supports victims of sexual assault and believes their claims should always be heard,” the firm said. “As someone who has worked in this industry for four decades, he has treated people with nothing but respect and has maintained a stellar reputation. Therefore, he was completely shocked to learn of the allegations made by Gracie Cox from a wrap party in 2005. The incident with Ms. Cox was consensual, and he categorically denies any claim that it was assault.”

Cox was an assistant costume designer on the film, which Connolly directed. She told the Daily Beast that Connolly flirted with her on set. At the wrap party, she said that Connolly brought to her to the VIP area, and once they were alone started to kiss her. According to her account, he then pulled her into a booth and sexually assaulted her.

“There was not really a chance in my mind to object or resist,” she told the publication. “It just happened really fast. I froze and was in shock.”

Cox was working for Amy Westcott, the costume designer on the project. As she left the party, she encountered Westcott and told her about what happened. Westcott confronted Connolly, according to the report. Westcott confirmed that to the Daily Beast. Two crew members told the publication that they also witnessed Westcott confront Connolly.

Four of Cox’s friends also told the Daily Beast that she had told them of the assault in the days after it happened.

In his statement, Connolly acknowledged a lack of “professionalism” in connection with the incident.

“Kevin completely understands Amy’s displeasure with the consensual act that transpired between Kevin and Gracie 15 years ago, after production had wrapped and they were no longer working together on the movie,” the attorneys’ statement said. “Kevin acknowledges the lack of professionalism on his part, but he adamantly denies that it was anything other than a mutual consensual encounter.”

Cox told the Daily Beast that she contacted attorney Gloria Allred about her allegations in 2017, but that Allred declined to take the case because the statute of limitations had expired.