Rick Riordan, author of the popular “Percy Jackson” novels, is developing his Egyptian mythology series “The Kane Chronicles” into feature films at NetflixVariety has confirmed.

The author made the announcement on his social media accounts and website on Saturday. “Hey everybody, want some more exciting news? We’re developing ‘The Kane Chronicles’ as feature films for Netflix,” he said. “More news soon.”

On his website, Riordan wrote that he’d been working on a deal with Netflix since last October, around the same time he and Disney Plus began negotiating on a TV series for his “Percy Jackson” novels.

“We have been working on this deal since last October, about the same time we started working on Percy, and I’m so glad I can now announce it! That’s all I can say for the moment, but stay tuned,” he wrote.

Published after Riordan’s popular Greek mythology series, “The Kane Chronicles” introduced readers to new characters and a new setting inspired by Egyptian history and mythology. The trilogy of young adult novels followed teen protagonists Carter and Sadie Kane, who were descended from the Egyptian pharaohs Narmer and Ramses the Great. Like the “Percy Jackson” movies, the characters ran into legendary gods in the modern world, and they crossed over with the “Percy Jackson” crew in a series of spinoff novels.

The three novels, “The Red Pyramid,” “The Throne of Fire” and “The Serpent’s Shadow,” were published in 2010, 2011 and 2012.

The “Percy Jackson” live-action adaptation at Disney Plus was announced in May as being in early development. The series will follow the storyline of the five novels, beginning with the first entry “The Lightning Thief.”