British actor John Boyega, who played the character of Finn in three recent “Star Wars” films, appears to have left the role behind him.

Boyega revealed he has moved on from the character in response to a user comment on one of his recent Instagram posts showing the actor back on set. User @techsteveo wrote: “Force Finn in action with Green lightsaber dressed in black is all I want from the next SW film!”

Boyega replied: “lol no thank you. I’ve moved on [heart emoji].”

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Back on set ! Have a nice day everyone ❤️

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User @samkim_1 then wrote, “really just got those Disney bucks and dipped [laugh crying emoji],” to which Boyega responded: “nope. Not into playing one role for too long. I have more to offer than that. That’s all.”

Another fan, @anthony_m95, wrote: “you know they’re bad movies when even you don’t wanna go back to them… excited to see you in future projects though!” Boyega did not respond to this nor other fan messages as the debate raged on about the quality of the latest films in the franchise and whether Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford were typecast following their roles in “Star Wars.”

However, when a user questioned whether Boyega would ever return as Moses, his breakout role in Joe Cornish’s 2011 “Attack the Block,” he replied, “I haven’t played Moses in over a decade. I’d love to revisit him. Now he is a BADASS.”

This is not the first time that Boyega has expressed his desire to move on from the “Star Wars” franchise. In April, after Twitter user @SGSAMII had described “Star Wars: Episode IX – The Rise of Skywalker” as “embarrassing,” Boyega responded: “Embarrassing ? LOL you wish. Very fulfilling, some disappointments but yet not that big of a deal. Everyone has moved on…..”

The actor’s current roles include BBC’s Steve McQueen series “Small Axe” and feature film “Naked Singularity.”

In June, Boyega made a powerful speech at a Black Lives Matter protest in London.