With countless medical professionals fighting on the frontlines of the coronavirus pandemic, one timely documentary about a healthcare activist caught the eyes of Bradley Whitford and brothers Mark and Jay Duplass. Whitford and Duplass Brothers Productions have signed on to executive produce “Not Going Quietly,” Variety has learned.

The documentary, which will premiere at the 2020 Tribeca Film Festival, chronicles the life of Ady Barkan, a healthcare activist and lawyer diagnosed with ALS as he stands up against Republican politicians and congress who vote against healthcare reform. Over his career, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and other politicians have acknowledged and supported his work. Despite his condition, he continues to fight for better healthcare nationwide.

“’Not Going Quietly’ is the story of my hero, Ady Barkan, one of those rarest of human beings who transcends his own unspeakable tragedy by fighting to alleviate the suffering of others,” Whitford said in a statement. “As the current pandemic cruelly feasts on the most vulnerable among us and lays bare the insanity of the richest nation in the world’s refusal to protect the health of its own citizens, Ady’s clarion call for universal access to comprehensive healthcare has never been more urgent.”

He continued, “This is a story of resilience, of love, of camaraderie, of our obligation to the most vulnerable among us, and of the moral imperative we all have to create a better world for our children through the relentless and fierce practice of democracy. Also, Ady’s funny as hell.”

Jay Duplass also attested to the film’s timeliness as the country faces the novel virus.

“Duplass Brothers Productions is honored to be collaborating with the great activist Ady Barkan,” said Duplass. “Given the pandemic, it’s clear that Ady’s objectives of reforming American healthcare and strengthening our democracy are critical not just for our well-being, but potentially for our survival.”

Nicholas Bruckman directed “Not Going Quietly,” which was produced by Duplass Brothers Productions and Amanda Roddy of People’s Television.

“Bradley and the team at Duplass Brothers Productions profoundly embraced our vision for this film, and have been there for us every step of the way to help make it a reality,” Bruckman said in a statement. “We couldn’t ask for better creative partners in bringing ‘Not Going Quietly’ out into the world, especially in this time of crisis, when Ady’s message resonates more powerfully than ever.”