Ciné-Real, the U.K.’s remaining 16mm film club, is launching a podcast as part of Keep Film Alive, a global campaign supported by stalwarts like Quentin Tarantino and J.J. Abrams.

The club, which is now an institution in London, was founded in 2011 by award-winning filmmaker Liam Saint-Pierre (“The Last Storm”) and veteran projectionist Umit Mesut. It has since attained cult status, spawning an acclaimed short film, “The Way of the Dodo,” directed by Saint-Pierre.

The Ciné-Real monthly podcast will focus on the making of classic films, and will host international guests. Kicking off proceedings on July 23 will be an episode on “King Kong” (1933), which featured groundbreaking stop-motion animation by Willis O’Brien, and a pioneering musical score by Max Steiner. Joining the show will be four-time Primetime Emmy nominee Steven C. Smith (“Star Wars: The Legacy Revealed”) and author of “Music by Max Steiner,” and Dan Richards, founder and director of animations at A+C Studios.

Next up is a communal screening of “King Kong” on July 30, using the BBC Together group viewing service. Live events will resume at London’s The Castle Cinema in August, before Ciné-Real takes up a residency at the city’s historic Regent Street Cinema with a screening of “Jaws,” the film that will be the subject of the next podcast.

Saint-Pierre said: “Watching a film on a projector is a bit like sitting next to an open fire. It might not be as efficient as putting on a radiator, but it certainly makes you feel more alive.”

The podcast is co-produced by Marc Gosschalk and Joe Paley.