Chasing Childhood,” an upcoming documentary on raising children in America, has released a new trailer. The 80-minute film is set to premiere on Nov. 11 via online screening from Doc NYC.

The trailer opens with a scene of an elementary school classroom, in which students share their after-school activities with their teacher, such as hip-hop dance classes, basketball practice and French lessons. The clip also introduces a number of families who open up about their parenting experiences and growing up in a high-pressure family home. Through clips of the interviewees’ childhoods, the film examines how over-parenting across the country — meticulously overseeing everything from kids’ extracurricular activities to academic performance — has resulted in an environment that negates childhood.

In response to growing helicopter parenting and college admission pressure, directors Margaret Munzer Loeb and Eden Wurmfeld follow the lives of families who receive guidance from education professionals on restoring joy and freedom to their children. Some educators work with families who have kids struggling in school, while others revisit the childhoods of those who grew up from a high-stress environment that continues to impact their adulthood. The documentary feature also examines how socioeconomic class impacts over-parenting practices.

“Chasing Childhood” features Genevieve and Savannah Eason, Julie Lythcott-Haims, Peter Gray, Lenore Skenazy and Dr. Michael Hynes. Loeb executive produced the film, and fellow producers are Lisa Eisenpresser and Eden Wurmfeld.

The virtual screening from Nov. 11-19 will include an exclusive pre-recorded Q&A with Loeb, Wurmfeld and Genevieve Eason. Tickets for the event are now available here.